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Stability, security & fair pricing!

We carefully handpick our servers and every aspect counts. We do not compromise on anything. For example we make sure our servers runs on green electricity, is being maintained on a daily basis, is using the most secure software. All of this and we still can provide among the fastest loadning speeds in the industry.

Our Servers

Our servers, for now, is located on datacenters in the Netherlands. This is because Netherlands is one of the best countries in the world to place a datacenter due to following circumstances:

  • The technicans are one of the best in the industry.
  • They are being held secure. (With mirror-datacenters aswell).
  • The network speed is lightning fast & stable.
  • Protected with very generous laws for anonymity.
  • Everything is extremely cost-effective.


The idea behind Hostlix is to be a hosting provider that you can trust, that does not overcharge you or fail on our promises. Everytime you buy a product from us you should feel 100% satisfaction with what we provide. To accomplish this we use these following goals:

  • Keeping the prices as low as possible - forever!
  • Provide avalible, fast and top-grade support from our team.
  • Erase server downtime completely.
  • Having good and fair refund policies.
  • Supporting the freedom of speech act.
  • Treat our new customers and our existing customers just as good.
  • Provide various payment methods of your choise.
  • Being honest and never overselling our products.
  • Never store or keep logs of unnecessary customer data.
  • We will never fail on our promises!

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